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Vultures is a game that puts players in the position of bounty hunters in a post-mecha world, hunting down the rogue pilots and soldiers that refuse to turn in their license and submit to the new Space Mom mega hegemony. The universe and its people are shaped by Before, the war where massive war machines, sinister warminds, and the mechs that walked the stars, caused massive, planet-wide destruction and left the universe in a mess of mecha wreckage.

How long before you make a choice?

How long before you rebel?


This game functions on a simple, sturdy background. Roll d20 and try to get over 10. You build your character out of skills, a background, and develop them with relationships, each adding bonuses to your rolls.


If you're interested in a print run of this game, buy it and let me know on twitter @thebestpupper. I'd need to sell at least 100 copies to make a print run worth the time and money. So lend your support if you're interested. Let's make this happen.

Cover art by Nicola Robson (@NRillustrations)

VULTURES GOT ITS FIRST REVIEW: https://www.geeknative.com/71105/vultures-rpg-space-mom-is-recruiting-bounty-hunters/

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Not on Twitter but I'm interested in a print version!

I think spearwitch.com had some copies? But I only did a limited print run a long while ago so I'm not sure if there's any circulating anymore.


Vulture is a 21 page trpg with gorgeous cover art and cool layout.

It's also got some odd glitch-horror elements, so be ready for this not to be a standard STALKER-inspired sci-fi jaunt.

Mechanics-wise, Vultures is slightly crunchy, but definitely minimalist. You can't call shots or disarm opponents, but one point of damage does kill you.

Skills checks are resolved through a d20 roll, DC 10, with a few things giving you small bonuses.

Character creation is super flavorful, and also gives you a solid look at the setting, but if you're only reading the player section it's still a little hard to get a clear picture of the Vultures' universe. It's apparent that there's a dystopian thing called Space Mom that owns most people, but beyond that you're relying on what the GM tells you as you build your backstory.

And for GMs, there's a whole "players keep out" section that gives them the necessary basics on the universe---and it also provides an interesting mechanical twist, which I can't spoil here in the review, but which transforms the game pretty heavily.

I will say: be comfortable with writing your own mechanics on the fly if your Vultures game goes for more than a few sessions.

Overall, if you like Paranoia or System Shock, or if you like games that change as you play them, Vultures is for you. I highly encourage picking up a copy.

Possibly the only mecha TTRPG I'd be interested in playing.It was the presentation of the Damage paragraph that really got my attention.


Dear Batts,

Last night I was very sleepy when I saw your page. I told myself that the following day I would grab your lovely, lovely games for Free RPG Day.I think they are so cool and gorgeous and they make my heart throb - however, this evening I was distraught when I found I had entirely forgotten about it!! Is there any way I can still procure your games? 


Loving this but are there any Character Sheets for this?


Resources For Vultures


Links for Space Mom’s Ambient Playlist

Laar - Kilchhofer

Still Space - Satoshi Ashikawa

Crying Pyramid - Subaeris

Three Cheers for Existence - Deru

sonata no. 01 - movement iii - Ann Annie

ENERGY - death’s dynamic shroud

Nightmoves - Moon Diagrams

望海 - L+R

Whale Child - Meng Qi

What Ash it Flow Up - Bing & Ruth


Amazing stuff! Rules lite and evocative!

That switch from bright encouraging colors for Vultures/Players Guide to BnW GM/Space Mom guide was a trip. Really sets tone for the game flow/genre for me.