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Nerves.store - sold out

Floating Chair - https://floatingchair.club/collections/games/products/iron-lies

Spear Witch - https://spearwitch.com/products/iron-lies


Loot the Room - https://loottheroom.uk/product/iron-lies-by-batts-print

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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For anyone who isn't sure about spending the money, or who simply can't afford to spend the money but has a love for games. If you can afford it, please consider giving it a read and buying it after the fact if you end up enjoying it. 

Physical Book (Limited Run)

NOW AVAILABLE ON FLOATING CHAIR'S SHOP - https://floatingchair.club/collections/games/products/iron-lies

IF BUYING FROM ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE U.S. - go to https://project-nerves.myshopify.com/ and order from there! These are sold out!

Limited run of physical books! Grab a copy of Iron & Lies in print. If you're interested in being a distributor please reach out to me on Twitter. 

If you don't fill in your shipping address I can't send you the book. Please make sure you do that!


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Gave this 5 Stars and wanted to make sure that the algorithm picks up on it!

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Is there an ideal number of players to play Iron & Lies?


2 or more.

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You take everyone’s stuff^ & then tell them they win. 10/Fae


  • How to take their stuff^
  • Why take their stuff^
  • Where to take their stuff^
  • Who takes their stuff^
  • When to stop taking stuff^


  • If you take their stuff^
  • If you don’t take their stuff^
  • If you try to take their stuff^

Doesn’t care:

  • If you give them too much stuff^
  • If you wouldn’t take their stuff^
  • If you hate taking stuff^

^ ( gentleness, kindness, joy, home, and on and in. )


I purchased the physical copy via Paypal just a few minutes ago, and as far as I can see, wasn't offered the opportunity to add a shipping address/comment.

Huh, you should be able to edit your purchase and add it. I added a field for addresses to be put in. 

But! If it doesn't let you do that, please DM me on twitter with a screenshot of your purchase and your address and we'll get it going : )