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Interesting idea!:) It took me back to my childhood when I was plying DOS games including a dungeon crawl (Eye of the Beholder, might and magic etc.). Bt it looks like that this system can be used also for fantasy with sci-fi (or pure sci-fi) genre of game. 

I wish a GOoD gaming to you all!:)

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I like this idea for a table top roleplaying game. As a fan of the .hack series I like this a lot. I may use this rule set and try to use make my own journey using the SOLIDARITY DEFILEMNT- a mork borg solo solitaire rules. It’s going to be used for questions on the npc or events that happens in the world. Thanks for the community copy offer!

pwease add more community copies i am too broke to afford it. Im sorry if this is a burden, i just really want to try the game.


the remastered edition has tons of community copies rn! but ill add a few here too

The Awards!

.dungeon in 5 minutes! 

my introduction to the game: 


music to listen to while playing: 


Perhaps this is a bit of a dumb question, but I've been rather curious after reading the rules about whether this is meant for one-shots or longer campaigns? I ask because Connection is a finite resource that will be chipped through quickly every time a skill roll is failed, and once it hits zero, it's time for an epilogue. The thing is, though, that the system seems to support larger-scale commitments and worldbuilding, and Connection seems to get chipped down a little too slowly to have it all decay within a four-to-eight-hour one-shot window. This isn't supposed to be criticism, I'm just a little confused as to what the intended experience length is with .dungeon.


The intended experience is to make it last as long as you can, knowing it's going to end anyways. Sorry if that's an "artsy fartsy" answer or something, but it's true. I have no way of knowing how long a group of players could keep it going. And I think that's the fun of it. 


Yeah, that makes sense. The Mono no Aware effect of ephemeral things is in full force here, and it's kind of the point.


Had a chance to read this a few days ago. Amazing, looking forward to playing it with my table some time!!!


loved MBIAC and im excited to check this out!

I just purchased your game and I can't seem to extract the epub document on my phone regardless of the zip program I use.  I got the plain text and that's it.  Any advice on that?  Thank you!


Hm, I'm not sure. If you email me I can send it that way.

thank you!  I’m usually pretty tech savvy so I’m a little embarrassed to say I can’t find your email. Where would I find that?


Will this ever get a reprint?


Yes, we're working on one with some edits!


Excellent! I can't wait 💜

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So hey I just posted this!

can you run connection like the character loses connection to the user rather then the other way around? like they gain more freedom from the players over time.

That sounds like an exciting seed for an adventure!


I made a video highlighting why I think this game is so special, in under 5 minutes! If you're on the fence, you definitely want to pick this one up.


Hi! I'm reading the book right now. At page 17 you describe OUTFIT and MISCELLANEUS, but both the list provided include the same inputs. Probably this isn't intended, it seems a copy/paste problem.
Want you double check it?


.dungeon by is a stylish game that combines fantasy dungeon crawling with virtual elements. Highly recommended!

Is this available preprinted?



This game looks like a goddamn gem. Will leave a great review when I convince the squad to pull up and play it with me!


is this game playable on mac? Thanks for answering.


It is a TTRPG. It means you download and read the rules, and play with your friends via your shared imaginations. 

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sorry to bother. A disclaimer: I LOVE your game, and my players too! We've been streaming it a few times, and it's one of the favorite of our audience! <3

The only problem is, I've been waiting for the physical copy for a while now (I live in Italy) and was wondering if there's any way to track the package. :/

Thank you!


Hey Jakob, you can email me at 


Thank you! :)

Hi i was wondering about the link to the discord - the one from a week ago has expired

LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! Absolutely deserves 5 stars. My only issue is that the file name (.dungeon) got hidden in my files program on my phone. But I managed to find it. Also, THANK YOU for the epub file. I love being able to port things to my e-reader to read. Just out of curiosity, what program did you use to make it an epub? There's nothing wrong with it, I'm just curious.

Ghostwriter to format the text and then pandoc to do the exporting. 


what is the link to the discord?

I just missed out on the GOTY physical copy. Is there any plan to print more?

Sometime in 2022.

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have been eyeing this up for so long - SUPER excited to have a gander through it! may i also enquire as to where the discord for this game is?

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Could someone write a custom class or maybe their own version of content as if it were an expansion to the .dungeon mmo? Like when mmo's come out with new maps and areas after a few years?

Is this game playable online?


There's been a game running online in the discord for a few months!


oh, awesome! ty

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You can go to where we're having an end of the year deal that includes the physical copy of everything released for .dungeon so far. Anything bought on will be pdf-only.

hey John! I’d love to buy this edition from I your store, but including shipping to the EU, already gets pretty pricey. Do you have something in place for sending these out from within the EU? i.e. EU friendly/without additional VAT? :)) Thanks!

I don't have Game of the Year bundles out of the U.S. sorry. Maybe in the future when I can make a legit boxed set, but for now the logistics would be a nightmare.

This looks like so much fun I kinda hope you folks change the name in a future release so it's easier to look up videos of people playing it, etc but otherwise I can't wait to get a group and try this out.


Is there a way to get the physical copy and the pdf files in a bundle? or should I buy them sepparately?

Buying the physical copy will get you the pdf!

oooh... I wasn't sure of that so I only bought the pdf. Is there a way to pay the extra to get the physical copy?

There's not much I can do about that, apologies. My website isn't really connected to itch in any tangible way. But hey, I'll have copies whenever.


Not sure if this is the place for this, but is there a way to get the character sheet pdfs if you bought the hardcopy?


Yeah definitely. I've posted them on our discord but you can also grab them here:

The thing I use for pdf's on the website doesn't let me attach multiple pdfs haha

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Awesome, thanks. I thought to check Discord but couldn’t find a working link anywhere :p

Edit: Not sure if you meant to publicly post the plaintext for the book as well. Just wanted to make sure you knew.

The Kickstarter info in that folder includes a lot of personal info - may want to separate it out?

something is wrong with the formatting of the equipment table in the text document- (it’s not a table) 

That's because it's plain text. The tables don't translate well so there's not really a good way to do it that a screen reader will pick up (from my understanding). I'd be happy to work on something better for it if I learn new information.


gotcha. I like printing things out and was looking for a low ink version that’s easier on my old eyes. There’s so much good stuff in here. Congrats! 

.dungeon is awesome! Great read, great art, and some really cool ideas! Hope to get it to the table soon.


Thank you for the community copy - I can't overstate how good it is to have the opportunity to read this sort of high quality work from a country that often has trouble matching prices expressed in USD. 

It's incredible how many good ideas can fit inside a relatively breezy read. I find myself coming back to the PDF because it's pleasant in itself to look at it, read it and think about it. There's a wonderful sleight of hand here: things have to be gamefied, in a way, because this is a game, but it's also a game about a game, and so these mechanics are doubly topical. I've yet to experience it in actual play, but as a reader, it seems like you've found some inspiring solutions.

Thank you! 


will there be a fillable character sheet pdf? 


Yup! we're working on it now.


Don't want to be rude, but are you going to update your Pokémon OSR system?


What kind of update are you looking for? There are no planned expansions to it at this point but the jam we ran had a lot of great entries!


Maybe some kind of monster manual, so DM's would have an easier time running it. That's at least what I had in mind, but if there are no future updates planned, then don't worry about it.